Calculators for the Timber Industry

Calculators for Sawyers and Lumbermen

If you are a forester, sawyer, lumberman, landowner or other person working with wood, there are some calculators that you might find helpful.    The calculator that I use the most and find the most beneficial is the "Log Volume Calculator."  If you have a log, you may wonder how you can figure the possible board feet for that log.  In the days before computers and the internet, this information was figured in a table or with a special ruler-measuring stick.  now there are more accurate ways with calculators.  With these calculators, you plug in the diameter of the small end and the length and it spits out a bft (Board Foot).  Now you can tell the forest from the trees, eh, or logs.

I have a Log Volume Calculator plugged into my website.

Personally, I have been using a Log Volume Calculator App on my iphone.



What if the tree is still standing and hasn't been made into logs?  There is a way to figure that for board feet also.  One key is to remember to measure the logs diameter not at the base but at about chest height.  Trees ofteh have a large amount of flairing in the butt log.

Here it a Tree Volume Calculator.


One Calculator that comes in handy when I need is the log weight calculator.  You input the size information for the log and the type of species it is and the calculator spits out the weight of the log.  This is helpful when you are thinking about how to load/unload a log, move a log, or turn it over on my sawmill.

Log Weight Calculator


Other Calculators

There are lots of helpful calculators to help you figure a single tree or a whole forest of trees here in the Ozarks.  I've listed a few of my favorite sites with a variety of calculators.


These calculators for the lumber and forest industry, landowner or hobbiest are brought to you from the heart of the Ozarks near Rolla, MO ( Missouri ) in the Mark Twain National Forest.  I've found them useful at Beaver Spring Ranch Sawmill ( BSR Sawmill ).