Examples of Quarter Sawn Boards

Oak Quarter Sawing

This is actually my first attempt at quarter sawing some Red Oak.  I know that even with flat sawing you will get some boards in the middle that are actually quartersawn.  As you cut through the log when you get to the middle the grain will be perpendicular (90 degrees) to the face of the board. But with quarter sawing the idea is to turn the board enough so that all boards come out with a grain that is at least 45  degrees to the face.

I turned the log and each of the cants I cut so that, as best I could, the boards came out quarter sawn.

This old log was down in my woods for several years.   I cut some of it up for firewood before I got my sawmill.  There was just about 5 feet or so left above the stump to cut.  It was rotten in the core of the trunk above the roots.  Ended up dragging it with my tractor up a hill to the yard.

It was pretty big and barely fit between the post on the mill.  It was a lot of work but I got a lot of lumber from this baby!  It really came out well.  I was very pleased.  It has some nice tiger striping as the rays come out in the boards giving them a 3 dimensional look.

Board # 1  Oak Quarter Sawn